If your inbox is being bombarded with Black Friday offers and you’re thinking ‘what can my salon do for Black Friday?’,  or worrying that you’ve left it too late, here are some simple ideas that you can get up and running in next to no time. 

Gift Vouchers

These are my favourite things to promote at this time of year, but they don’t just sell themselves. To get your gift cards in people’s hands on Black Friday you’ll need to give them that little added extra. Here are some tried and tested Black Friday gift voucher ideas. 

The something for nothing: Spend £50 or more on gift cards and get £10 free; or spend £75 and get £25 free.
You may not know this, but lots of gift cards go unspent, so if you’re worried about giving away your profits, fear not!

The Gift of Christmas: Spend £100 on gift card and get 5 £10 gift cards to pass on to 5 friends as Christmas gifts.
With this option be sure to make the gifting gift cards look like something people would want to pass on.  

The BOGOFF (ish!): I’ve not gone completely mad! Of course you’re not going to offer a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE on your services, but a buy five get the sixth free works a treat on lower value services like manicures and blowdries. 

Prize Draw

Everyone’s a winner: Give people an extra reason to buy on Black Friday by entering everyone who makes a retail purchase. As an added incentive you can offer one entry per £5 spent. You can even reward them with small value voucher for a small discount when they experience something they have never had before. 


Out with the old: Do you have old stock that’s in perfectly good condition, but isn’t wanted on your shelf any more? Gather it up, add the red stickers and you’ve got your salon a Black Friday promotion right there.

Some people run Black Friday offers on their Christmas gift packs, but this really isn’t something I’d recommend as it rather devalues them in the run up to Christmas. 

 Last Minute Appointments

Black Friday Specials: People are looking out for a bargain on Black Friday weekend, so if you’ve got any last minute slots describe them as Black Friday late deals and bring in some extra revenue. 

How to market your salon’s Black Friday promo

Once you’ve decided what your salon is going to do for Black Friday, the most important thing you can do is tell as many people as possible. Here are the 10 most effective ways to get clients to take note:  

  • Go Live and tell people about it
    When you go live your followers will get a notification, so it’s a great way to raise awareness.
  • Send an email out to your mailing list
    It doesn’t have to be a novel – a few lines will do.
  • Post about your Black Friday offer on your grid
    Use Canva to create a graphic that catches your eye or shoot a reel
  • Talk about it in your salon
    It’s really easy to assume that people know what you’re up to.
  • Update your website
    A blog post or news story is good, but make it prominent on your homepage too.
  • Run lots of ‘Stories’ about your salon’s Black Friday promotion
    You could get your team to talk about it, or show photos.
  • Send an SMS to your list
    Do the maths first though – how successful will your promo need to be for you to break even?
  • Put a post on LinkedIn
    Explain that you’re doing something special and tell people how to get involved
  • TikTok your promo
    Add some trending music and show off what you’ve got planned
  • Run some social media ads
    Give some thought to your audience to make sure you get the best possible return on investment.

Black Friday is one of the few times of the year when people are practically crying out to be sold to, so don’t be afraid to really promote your activity. It’s a good opportunity to push yourself out of your comfort zone and channel your inner sales person.