Did the recent blog post on email marketing convince you that you really should be mailing your clients and past clients more often? Then these are the email marketing ideas for salons that can help you to make it happen!

I’ve spoken to lots of salon owners who produce an endless stream of content for their social media, but go into a panic at the idea of writing an email.

So, I wanted to give you a selection of ideas that will allow you to inject your personality, showcase your work and help people get to know your salon better.

When it comes to scheduling these email marketing ideas, be sure to mix and match the categories to keep it interesting. You don’t want more than 2 from any category each month.


Your story
What has happened in your world this week. Share your experiences and anecdotes. Keep it light-hearted and where you can relate it back to the salon or your clients.

A team member’s story
Don’t like to talk about you? Then what are your team up to? Have they done something special in the salon? Been promoted? Provided a cracking service. Done something noteworthing in their life out of the salon?

A client’s story
I’ll bet your clients tell you about amazing things they are doing all of the time. So, ask them if you can share it. If they’re taking on a challenge or raising money for charity they’ll probably be keen for the exposure.

Save some of your transformations for a monthly before and afters mail. Let the pictures do the talking. This is a great technique if you really don’t enjoy writing.

On this day
Share your favourite salon memories. We all love a comedy tale, so as long as you don’t embarrass anyone these are a great way to reminisce about past events.

Client of the month
Do you encourage your clients to share their photos on social media? Do you reward them when they do? Then this monthly newsletter is a great way to show off your work, share positive feedback about the salon and remind people that they too can be rewarded for sharing their photos.


Blog posts
Got something new and interesting on your website. Use your email to point people in the right direction.

Social media
This is a good one for when you’re really stuck. Tell people what you’ve been following on social media recently or talk about some of your recent posts.

Local businesses
Are local like-minded businesses doing anything special that would be of interest to your clients. Then tell them about it. The important thing to remember here is that these emails only work if what they’re offering is of genuine interest to your clients. If you’re only doing it so that the business will talk about you too, think again.

Local events
If there are local events going on, then talk about them. If you’re sponsoring something at the event or offering a service there, then SHOUT about it.


Whether you’ve got something new in or just something seasonal, your clients will only know if you tell them about it. These emails can also be written as team members talking about a product that they love. You could even link out to a video.

We spend so much of our lives on auto-pilot, so do your clients even realise you may be able to offer them something else? Services messages work best when you segment your list so that they are relevant to the people receiving them.

We have appointments
Filling up fast? Or just need people to think you are. Let people know about those last gasp spaces. Don’t be afraid to send the odd ‘we’ve had a cancellation’ email either. Just don’t make a habit of it.

If you’ve got a seasonal promotion or offer, then please make sure you include emails in your plan. Please don’t make these the only emails you send out though.


Just checking in
I love a ‘just checking in’ email. Simply ask people how they are. Or how their day is. Or how their hair is looking right now. Be sure to respond to any replies though.


Seasonal trends
Wedding season, party season, seasonal colour trends, Fashion Weeks, there are so many hair, beauty, skin and nails trends to talk about. Be sure to give your own personal slant rather than churning out what’s already available in the press. Don’t be afraid to be controversial.

Awards seasons
We know we shouldn’t waste time talking about people we don’t know. But when it comes to celebrities, we all do it. You’re way more qualified to talk about the way they look than than most, so do a ‘morning after’ email to analyse the red carpet.

As the weather changes or the party season kicks, your clients have needs that you can help them with. Be the expert you are and share all the trade secrets that you just assumed that everyone knew.


What have clients been asking you in the salon recently? Because if that’s what someone has asked, you can pretty sure that they aren’t the only one wondering.

Shape the salon
What would your clients like to see more of in your salon? What do they love? Is there anything they’d like you to change? Ask them.

Using these email marketing ideas for salons you should be able to very easily schedule a year’s worth of content. Your next task is to get them scheduled into a calendar so you know what you need to write and when you need to write it by. Most importantly, just do it! No one is going to remember the emails you didn’t send!