Finding time to work on your salon marketing during the busy times – not just when you’re quiet! – is a massive challenge for salon owners. So, these are some salon marketing ideas that can help you show up even if you only have 5 minutes to spare. 

Because, if you want to have a constant stream of potential new clients, who are exactly the type of people you want to attract, you can’t just pull the plug on your marketing efforts during the busy times.

There are some bigger picture marketing strategies you can (and should!) do to make sure you are always standing out to your dream clients, including:

  • Have an optimised Google My Business page which is on the map for your town.
  • Invest time (or a professional) to make sure that your salon website is optimised to get to the top of Google.
  • Schedule your social media posts so you have a constant stream of content.
  • Develop a marketing plan and batch create content so you always know what’s coming up.
  • Write your salon emails in advance, you can even schedule them so they’re good to go.
  • Have SMS campaigns ready to go that can be sent out when you need them.
  • Set up social media ads that can be turned on in minutes.
  • Build Google ads campaigns for your offers and promotions to switch on and off when you need them.

That bigger picture planning and development is essential and I absolutely recommend that you block out a salon marketing day at least once a month to put those processes in place.

Let’s get real here, though. Good intentions aren’t always backed up with actions – or as Shakespeare said: ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions’, so I wanted to put together some salon marketing ideas that you can do if you only have 5 or 10 minutes to spare.

Social Media ideas for salons if you only have 5 minutes spare to market your business

  • Comment on your clients’ social media posts.
  • Comment on local business’s social media. If they reply to you make sure you go back to them too.
  • Comment on your team’s social media. Especially their hair work.
  • Get your camera out and catch some nice behind the scenes moments for your Stories.
  • Go live and tell people about one thing that has happened in the salon today
  • Do a Reel of your safety measures.
  • Sort through your client photos to plan the next selection of posts.
  • Make sure you’ve responded to any comments and DMs
  • Browse your competitors’ social media and see if there is anything you can learn from them
  • Do a hashtag audit and check you’re consistently using your brand terms and town.
  • Search for local influencers that will resonate with your clients – and reach out to one of them to invite them in.

Marketing planning and development ideas if you only have 5 or 10 minutes to spare.

  • Do a brain dump of all the blog post ideas you have for your salon.
  • Write as many email ideas as you can of to engage your current clients.
  • Make a list of local businesses with a similar client-base.
  • Reach out to a local business you could work with
  • Run a report of any regular clients who have not booked back in yet. Then drop them a personal email.
  • Invite a local journalist into the salon.
  • Take a look at your website and make notes of what you could improve.
  • Google your salon and see where your rank for salon in your town or salon near me – and your key services.
  • Stand outside your salon and check what vibes you’re giving off.
  • Check out the KOR Digital Social Media ads promotion to get some ads set up for you.