Image is everything in 2021, right? Especially when you’re a hair and beauty salon whose whole business is built on promoting a beautiful aesthetic.

Yet many salons compromise on the quality of the images on their website or social media, because they think they professional photos are too expensive.

What a false economy!

50% of people told a KOR Digital survey that images were the first thing they look for on a salon’s website, so if yours are dark and low quality or don’t do justice to salon or the quality of your work, you will lose potential clients.

The good news is that stock photos have really improved (mostly! You still need to spend a little time sorting through them) and manufacturers have become much more helpful.

But they can’t help with the photos that capture the essence of your salon, your team and your work – and those are the ones that are really going to get people to choose you.

Finding photos for your Hair Salon Website and Social Media

Stock photos

  • Depositphotos – Often have 100 images for $100 offers
  • Canva – You can access their ‘premium’ photos if you have a paid for service.
  • istock – I find these the best photos with the most choice. They are also the most expensive
  • 123rf – Subscriptions start at £27 for 10 images; individual photo costs depend on the size you need.
  • Shutterstock – Subscriptions start at £29 for 10 images; On demand packs start at £29 for 5 images.

IMPORTANT! Don’t think you can just grab these from Google. These companies and the photographers that work for them, invest money into finding people who use their images without a license and the fines are brutal.

Product manufacturers

Many product manufacturers now have a portal of images you can use (if they don’t, request photos from your account manager). This should give you access to:

  • Product shots
  • Flat lays
  • Model shots
  • Mood shots

IMPORTANT! Due to model rights, you may need to take your model shots down on a certain date Your product partner is also likely to ask you to credit them somewhere on your website.

Your own photos

  • Awards collections
  • Photos of the salon
  • Flatlays or creative photos your products
  • Client photos
  • Before and afters

IMPORTANT! The size and resolution is the thing to think about here. Photos taken on a phone will be good enough quality for social media or your website on mobile, but they often look low quality on your salon website on a computer.

A local photographer

I’m a great believer in a skills exchanges with your clients or other local businesses. A photographer would be one of the people on the people on my list.  Your top priorities should be photos of:

  • Salon interior and exterior shots
  • Team photos
  • Little detail photos
  • Paparazzi-style action shots

Your client photos

If you want access to a whole batch of client photos, you need a brand hashtag that you clearly promote. How about trying a monthly client selfie comp to incentivise people to share their photos.

  • Client selfies

What if you can’t take a decent photo

If you’re photos are meh! at best, there’s no excuse not to learn to take better ones. There are lots of online courses that focus on hair and beauty imagery, but there are also lots of fantastic tutorials on YouTube.

The secrets of taking great hair photos
The secrets of taking great nails photos
The secrets of taking great beauty photos