Planning may seem a little pointless when you’re not entirely sure what the year ahead looks like, but it’d be a mistake not to use this time to put a marketing calendar in place to give you some structure. 

In a social media era, every day is an awareness day that you can pin a post or a promotion to, but at the crux of every salon marketing calendar are these key events that are crying out for a promotion.

New Year

If you’re lucky enough to be able to open in January,  a ‘wash 2020 right out of your hair package’ is a no-brainer. For the majority of salon owners this is one to be forgotten this year.
Best promo: Bundled makeover packages. Take your core service and add additional top-up services to create a super value treat.
Remember: These are usually a no brainer, but right now when you can only see one client at a time you need to do your maths first to make sure it works.

Valentine’s Day

Best promo: Added value such as product or gift with the service or a bundle with a local business such as a florist, bar or restaurant.
Remember: If you’re running targeted ads, remember it is the partner of your ideal client who you should advertise to.

Mother’s Day

Best promo: A pamper package that includes a core service and something indulgent like nails, head massages, treatments.
Remember: You need to be targeting these promotions at dads and older kids. Send out ‘drop the hint’ messages to your clients who are mums.


Best promo: Promotions on your retail or gift cards. Gift with purchase type offers.
Remember: Fingers crossed this is going to be a time for lots of family get togethers, so think about what usually makes your Christmas marketing work so well.

Father’s Day

Best Promo: Add on-retail or additional male grooming services.
Remember: Any ads for this need to be targeted at mum’s a kids, so get your ad group right.

Thank You Teacher

Best Promo: Gift vouchers promos that give them a little more for their money. Think about £15 for the price of £10 or £25 for the price of £20.
Remember: Focus on making this look easy on the eye. It needs to be a gift anyone would want to give or receive.

Back To School

Best promo: Special rate for teachers. Alternatively, you could offer a special rate for PTA members or class reps. These are the parent influencers.
Remember: Schools offer a captive audience with plenty of marketing opportunities, so what can you do to make this a mutually beneficial promotion?


Best promo: Trick or Treat lucky dip to give clients that little extra with every appointment e.g. products, treatments, gift cards, discounts.
Remember: Start promoting this campaign early to ensure that you have plenty of bookings for October half term.

Black Friday

Best promo: Added value or discounts on gift cards, products, Christmas retail packs, electricals.
Remember: You’re competing with lots of promotion overload at this time of year so make sure you shout about this on every marketing channel you can.


Best promo:  Advent calendar or countdown to Christmas, gift voucher promos, refer a friend for the new year, re-booking promos.
Remember: This is going to be your most profitable month so focus on campaigns that reduce the dip in January and February.