This year, Instagram has had nearly as many updates as BoJo has made u-turns!

These include Reels (its Tik Tok rip off) and Instagram Shopping, but let’s talk about the newest feature, Instagram Guides.

Guides sit just above the grid (alongside reels and IGTV if you’ve created any). And they are a great way of curating the content you want to show off. Think of them as the grid’s equivalent to Highlights.

How to create an Instagram Guide For Your Salon

Setting up your salon’s instagram guides is really simple – even for the least confident of us. 

  • Go into your Instagram profile
  • Tap the plus button at the top right
  • Select Guides (it’s the one at the bottom with the book icon)
  • Choose your guide type. (In theory these can be products, posts or places (but a quick disclaimer I’ve only been able to make this work on some of my client’s accounts!)

How to create a ‘Places’ guide

Type the place, or address you want to include, Instagram will then show you a selection of posts about it and you can choose your favourites.

How to create a ‘Products’ guide

You’ll see a list of account names, simply click on one to choose their products.

These allow you show off specific items you are selling in your Instagram shop or even that another person is selling (could be good for cross promotion!)

How to create a ‘Posts’ guide

When you choose this option, you’ll see a different view of your grid, simply choose the posts you want to include and then hit next.

how salons can add instagram guides
create an instagram guide button
instagram guide types

Once you’ve added the content to your guide it’s time to do the finishing touches:

  • Add a title – What is this guide about?
  • Write a short description of what the guide is about – how is it going to help people and what action do you want people to take?
  • Add titles to the content – your style can be short and snappy, or descriptive, but be consistent
  • Change the cover photo – This can either be a photo from the guide, from your posts or from your saved images.
  • Add the guide to your Story – This doesn’t need to be a one off, you can share it as a story every time you update the guide, or think it’s going to be useful for your clients. Remember to tag any other businesses you mention.

Ways your salon can benefit from Instagram Guides

Create a guide for each team member to showcase their work
This is something I’ve always been a big fan of in pinterest, but this is an even better way to showcase a team member’s talents all in one place.

Create lookbook guides to give some hairspiration
You could have the [Your Salon Name] blonde guide, brunette guide, balayage guide, short hair guide. The possibilities are endless.

Create a hairdressing services guide
A guide that showcases each of the services that you offer. You could even create a quick intro video talking through what the process is, how long it lasts and who it suits (I’d leave prices off because you don’t want to have to update those.

Create a favourite hair products guide
This could just be a collection of the team’s faves as shown on the grid. Or if you have a store, link to the shopping pages.

Create a guide to products for a specific style or occasion
This makes sense for summer haircare, but it could be anything you want to shout about. If you have a local gift shop nearby that sells hair accessories you could include those.

Create a #shoplocal guide
Include a selection of products that can be bought in each of the local businesses you have a relationship with. This is a great chance to share the love and cement that you are part of the community.

Create a best of your town guide
Include your favourite shops, sights any thing local you’d like to shout about. How about highlighting the local businesses that you offer a special rate for?

Enjoy creating your Instagram guides for your salon. Like everything social media you can experiment and have fun with them, but before you invest too much time in it always think, ‘what is the business reason for doing this?’.