Where we’re at right now is far from ideal. None of us would have chosen it. But, we can’t change it. So, let’s try to enjoy it and think of it as the calm before the storm.

Because there’s no doubt that when your salons re-open (please, Boris, let it be December 3rd) your schedule is going to go crazy. It’ll be like Christmasses of days gone by when you got to Christmas eve and needed a little lie down!

So, let’s find the positive in this current downtime and put some measures in place to make it as fun and profitable as possible. With that in mind, here are some Christmas marketing ideas for salons to help you get your mojo back.


 Create an Advent Calendar or 12 Days of Christmas Promotion

Everyone loves a Christmas countdown and in a year where Christmas is likely to feel a little different, anything you can do to inject some excitement is sure to be a winner.

As an added bonus, you can have all of December’s social media posts scheduled and ready to go.

Include a mixture of types of offers so there is something for all your different client groups e.g. products, services, something from local businesses

  • Choose how people are going to ‘claim’ the offer. Coming into the salon is tricky this year, so factor delivery rates in if you’re creating too-good-to-be-true offers.
  • ‘Gifts’ come in different formats, some days it could be video tutorials or just something fun to make them smile.
  • There are different ways people can ‘pay’. You could ask them to tag friends on social media or ask them to write a review (sadly, you would still need to reward them if that review was negative) to claim a reward.
  • How about working up to a Christmas prize draw or giveaway for someone who has taken part in at least 3 of the windows?

Plan a Virtual Christmas Event  

A Christmas party or VIP event is one of the biggest events on of every salon’s marketing calendar. So, don’t let the small matter of not being able to have lots of people in your salon stop you.

This is the year of the Zoom, after all!

Your Christmas ‘do could be:

  • A product or service demo (you could showcase hair, make-up or nails)
  • A fun showcase of your team (have you got any other talents you could perform?)
  • A mini Christmas market with another local business (wreath makers, perhaps?)
  • A fashion showcase (do you have a local ‘colours’ guru?)
  • A pjyama party product panel.

Don’t forget the pre-delivered goodie bags or the raffle for all ticket holders!

Get Ready to Write (and Send) Some Christmas Cards

Your online booking and mailing system has made it so easy to bulk send online Christmas wishes, but use this time to send out hand-written cards. It’s the little things that make a big difference.

A nice touch is to get each of the team to write and sign cards to their own clients. Moo.com and Vistaprint are great for business-y cards, while optimal print are perfect for personalisation. Charity Christmas Cards are your go to for cards that give back.

As well as a personal message, your card could include:

  • A gift voucher for a treatment or discount in January or February
  • Another card that they can gift to a friend that includes an offer
  • Some samples courtesy of your product partners (beware of what this could do to your postage costs!)
  • Charity scratch cards
  • A pen
  • Packs of wildflower seeds

And another one for luck…. Because it’s always good to get that bit more than you expected.

Start to create a limited number of too-good-to-miss-out on packages for 2021. I’m thinking an ‘I’m gonna wash 2020 right out of my hair’ makeover package. A ‘smooth it over’ smoothing service and trim and a ‘Let’s make this year bigger and better’ extensions and aftercare packages would be good places to start.