As if 2020 hadn’t been bad enough already, we suddenly find ourselves back in lockdown just as the build up to the normally busy Christmas period ramps up.  Argh!?

But we are where we are and there is nothing we can do except hang up the closed signs and come up with a plan to be raring to go when salons are allowed to re-open (hopefully on or soon after December 3rd).

Or is there?

Actually there are some simple ways your salon can bring in some much-needed cash this November. Here are three of my favourites.

Create a Christmas Store ?

If you’ve already invested in your lovely Christmas gift sets, don’t let them go to waste. Instead add a shop to your website. There is an online shopping cart that can slot into just about every type of website.

You can hire a digital marketing company to build you a store, but money is tight right now, and it’s really not so difficult to do it yourself. And, let’s be honest, the one thing you have got right now is plenty of time!

I’m suggesting a Christmas store because it keeps the number of products down and means you can have it up and running very quickly, but you could also add your lockdown essentials (root sprays, dry shampoos etc). If you’re in it for the long haul, it makes sense to include all of your range.

? Are you worried you won’t be able to compete with the big online retailers? 64% of consumers want to support local businesses and buy local. That figure goes up to 70% in women. Use your knowledge and relationships to attract buyers.

Run a Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Campaign

If you’ve got a store, or online booking you’re selling gift vouchers online, right? So, what better way to bring in some much-needed money than an awesome offer on gift cards that can be used in 2021.

To make this a real earner, come up with a not-to-missed offer. Tiered systems are a great way to do this, so you buy £50 and you get £60 of vouchers, you buy £100 of vouchers and you get £125 to spend.

If you sell your vouchers for services or treatments, you can offer a voucher for a complimentary service such as a manicure or a treatment to the gift buyer.

?Have you been told that discounts don’t work or that they devalue your brand? These are different times and new rules apply. Besides, people have come to expect some serious bang for their buck on Black Friday weekend.

Create a VIP Membership Scheme

Wouldn’t it be great if you had clients giving you guaranteed income every single month? That’s what a VIP or salon membership scheme can do for you.

It’s down to you to look at your services to decide what to include in your membership, but the key is to create value for your clients, but still make a profit for you. A sensible way to go is to include 6-8 cuts and finishes per year, 6 colour services, take home products with re-fills and blowdries. If you have beauty as well you can be more creative.

? Much as your clients love you, they might be nervous making an investment right now. Throw in the added bonus that VIP members get priority access to appointments in the event of any lockdowns and you’ve got your added incentive right there. 

And as an added bonus (because everyone loves that little bit extra), how about offering your clients personal online styling sessions for a fee? Each zoom call would begin with an in-depth consultation, then you’ll show and tell a service that they’ve told you like to know more about e.g. a blowdry, styling with irons, upstyling. Add a gift voucher for products for a perfect proposition.