Do you prefer to start with the good news or the bad news? Personally, I always prefer to start with the bad because it feels good to end on a high!

So, here goes…

The bad news: social media isn’t a quick-fix solution. It’s not going to have your salon fully-booked overnight without you putting in some serious hard work. Sorry.

The good news: when you know exactly who you want to attract, create exciting content for them frequently and post it consistently it will help you to retain and attract clients.

Now what? Well, if you’re a busy salon owner who is struggling to find the time or the content to excite, engage and attract, these are the 9 things you absolutely need right now.

  • KPIs for the team

    Some of your team are going to understand that social media is part of their job these days. Others? Not so much.

    Get everyone to do their bit, by setting realistic weekly targets for client photos and/or reviews. A minimum of 3 per week should be achievable for all team members.

  • A salon social media policy

    There are so many horror stories from salons that don’t have a social media policy in place. Team members who won’t contribute, team members who keep their images to themselves – and then leave, team members who post inappropriate content on their personal accounts.

    That’s why you’ve got to have a policy in place and you’ve got to make sure your team members have seen it and signed it.

  • A team WhatsApp Group

    Every salon that is doing social media well has somewhere to store all of the team photos, reviews and ideas. A WhatsApp group is the best way to do that.

    It’s best to send the images along with quick details of what was done, how long it took and why it works to help write the caption.

  • Somewhere well-lit to take photos

    Good looking feeds have a consistent aesthetic, so work out where you are going to take your photos and how you are going to take them. What background would you like? What angle do you want to take them at?

    Flowers and logo walls have become popular, but a plain coloured background can be just as striking, it all depends on your salon’s vibe.

  • A ring light

    Natural light is great if you have it. But a ring light will create a soft, even light that’ll reduce shadows and just make your clients look better.

  • A scheduling app

    Ever tried posting as you go along? You either end up in a panic because you haven’t got any content, not posting because you forgot or ran out of time, or with a messy feed that doesn’t fit together. So, you need an hour a week and a scheduling tool. Then you can set and forget (although, it’s better if you remember to respond!).

    I use PLANN – to drag and drop and make feeds look pretty (you can also use it to schedule) and Buffer to schedule. I work with social media freelancers who swear by Later. They all have limited free versions, or more advance paid for plans that cost between £7 and £10 per month.

  • Canva

    Photos of your work and your salon matter most, but you’ll want to mix it up with reviews, quotes, tips and product photos. There are so many tools you can use to create this, but Canva is my fave.

    You can store your logo, brand colours, fonts, upload your own images, or just use their own bank of zillions of awesome templates.

  • Brand hashtags

    Tagging your content with descriptions of the content will help it be seen. Tagging your content with brand hashtags will help it be seen by the right people.

    Brand hashtags to use are #yoursalonname #yourtown or #yourpostcode #yourtownhair

    Don’t forget to include your hashtags on all your marketing materials, including your salon website, your cards and your salon decor.

  • To make the most of the free tools

    On Instagram, start with a brilliant bio that captures the essence of your salon. Make sure you have a business page so you can include your contact details and use the link to go directly to your bookings page.

    On Facebook, make the most of the many tools it gives you. That means you can add your services, your offers, add your bookings link and even build a shop.

Come on, you knew I wasn’t going to leave it at that! Here’s your bonus tip because it’s always good to get that little bit extra…

Use Facebook Business Manager to advertise

Facebook business manager manages ads in both Facebook and Instagram. You can:

  • Set up an ad group to target your ideal clients, or existing clients, or people who have visited your website before.
  • Choose where you advertise: Facebook, Instagram, The Facebook ads network
  • Run ads that link to your booking, or lead generation ads that get you contact details.