Let’s be honest, most salons are having it pretty tough right now.

Lots of the salons owners I’m speaking to are struggling, with many saying it’s the toughest they have ever known it (including the god awful 2007-8 recession!)

It’s a horrible combo of some clients not coming back after covid, some clients stretching out their appointments and then the last-minute cancellations as both the virus and the restrictions step up.

So what are you going to do about it?

Well the most important thing is to not take it personally. This isn’t about you. It’s about a country that has been flipped upside down done a double somersault and hoping its going to catch it when it falls.

The next most important thing is to not wallow in self-pity. It’s s***. It’s not your fault. But that’s not going to make it all go away and the world go back to normal.

So, if you’ve got a bit of free-time, here are 9 proven marketing ideas that can entice clients into your salon right now.

1. Send out an email to all the clients that haven’t been back to you post lockdown.

What to include:

⭐That you’re still open.
⭐Details of your safety precautions
⭐Ask them if there is anything else you can do to help them feel safe
⭐Offer them a ‘we miss you’ offer or something special and tell them you’d love to see them soon.

2. Write an email to everyone who hasn’t been in the salon for at least 6 weeks.

What to include:

⭐Something personal about what’s going on in the salon, your town or your life right now
⭐A reminder that you are open and a perfect change of scenery and company in these restricted times
⭐Ask them if there is anything they would like from you at this time (product delivery perhaps)
⭐Tell them about your availability. How about an incentive when they book their next two appointments at the same time?

3. Post some new content on all your social media platforms

What to include:

⭐ Yourself. It’s time to make it personal. A photo is fine, a video would be great.
⭐ Thank them for their continued support
⭐ Talk about the safety measures you have in place
⭐Ask them if there is anything you can do to help them

4. Set up a Facebook Business Manager Account and run a ‘first visit’ campaign

What to include:

⭐A great photo or video of your salon
⭐An offer
⭐A call to action

5. Set up a Google Ads account and run a ‘first visit’ offer

What to include:
⭐A compelling offer
⭐ A link to the offer page (not your homepage)
⭐ All the contact details and extensions they offer

6. Drop a text to all of your clients

What to include:

⭐Appointment availability this week
⭐An offer that can only be claimed this week

7. Create a leaflet and do a leaflet drop

What to include:

⭐A great photo
⭐One clear offer
⭐ A call to action with your contact details

8. Go and have a chat with another local business owner

What to ask:
⭐If they’d like to do some cross promotion with you. This could be fliers, a reciprocal offer, or sending out an email talking about each other’s business.

9. Get on the phone to any medium to large local businesses

What to ask:

⭐For the HR Department!
⭐Whether they would like to reward their staff this year with a gift voucher for £10-£25 off a service at your salon to be used any time before December 1
⭐If they would accept and promote a special corporate rate for their team.

The bonus one because I always think it’s nice to get that little bit more than you expected….

Contact the PTA at the local school

What to ask:

⭐ If there are any ways you can support them
⭐ If they would be interested in a special rate for a limited period
⭐ If the class reps would like to experience the salon for a complimentary service (cut and finish, blowdry or hair up).