Have you ever stopped to think about all the messages you’re sending out to your potential clients?

Because here’s the thing, everything you put out there, from your logo, to your colour scheme, to the words you use or the services you offer all build a picture of your salon in potential clients’ minds before they’ve ever set foot in the salon.

Your logo

What does it say about you? Is it fun? Is it professional? Does it show your point of difference?

Your colour scheme

Ever noticed how red is always used in sale signs? Or how green is calming? Purple is regal? Colours have been proven to bring out emotional response in clients, but are yours sending out the right messages?

Your font

Isn’t it interesting how lots of high-end brands use similar fonts? There’s a reason for that it’s because they are trustworthy and dependable. Do old favourites are great if that’s the message your salon wants to convey, but if you want to show a sense of fun, or a font that screams of your eco credentials, start scrolling through Google Fonts.

Your imagery

Good photos matter. In the era of awesome camera phones, they don’t need to be shot by a pro, but if your salon photos, team pics or photos of your work aren’t good quality, potential clients will figure that goes for your salon too.

Your words

Think of choosing the right words to attract your ideal clients as a bit like a game of bingo! You want to match the words that they would use themselves. The more matches you get, the more likely they are to book in.

Your opening hours

In a covid-19 era this is a bit different, but if you’re lacking at least one late night, or even early start, you might as well have a sign up that says BUSY PEOPLE KEEP OUT!

Your décor

Let’s be honest, this one is a deal-breaker for potential clients. It’s got to look right for your clients from the outside in. Remember one person’s luxurious is another’s intimidating.

Your services

If you strip it back to basics, the services that salons offer are more or less the same, it’s the way that they are skills and expertise, the products used and the way that they are described that tell your story.

Your haircare and styling products

You can’t control the response your product partners have on would-be clients, but you can always change to ensure you’re sending out the right message. Potential clients could judge your price, your standards, your green credentials all based on your products.

Your price point

From attracting clients who expect to be indulged, to being a magnet to bargain chasers, your pricing plays a big part in people judging what sort of a salon you are.

Your uniform (or lack of uniform)

Do you need a uniform or a dress code? That depends on the clients your trying to attract. Your decision about this is a tell-tale sign of the vibe of your salon.

Your refreshments menu

This is another casualty of the covid era, but the refreshments you offer and what you serve them in help to shape the client expectations.