How do you come up with a fair system to book your clients when your salon re-opens? That’s one of the many challenges facing salons right now.

Unlike a lot of the struggles facing you, this is one that is entirely in your control. And you have a few options available to you:

  1. Book your regulars in first
  2. Schedule in anyone you had to cancel first
  3. Wait until you know what you’re opening day is and have a free-for-all with your online booking system*
  4. Create a skeleton schedule – and start to book your clients in.

*In my experience of working online (19 years), I reckon that’s a site crash waiting to happen.

Create a wait-list and generate some cashflow

For me, the most effective course of action is an absolute no-brainer and that is to create a skeleton schedule based on the days of the week.

It’s pretty labour intensive – and a bit like going back to the pre-online booking days – but it is efficient and will mean you’re able to have an income at the present time.

And to take some of the hassle out of it, I’ve created a bookings form for you to use here. You’ll just need to print off one per team member, then let people know about it:

  1. Send out an email and put a post on all your social media channels to notify people that your re-opening options are now available and that appointments will be booked in on a first-come-first-served basis and a 50% deposit will be required.
  2. Let them know that they need to contact you by email to request their preferred stylist, day and time of day (am or pm – you can break it down further if you wish to); and if they would like to a second choice or day.
  3. Fill in requests on the form, as they come in. If their preferred day on the first week is already full, you try to fit them in in their second choice; if that is full you push them back to the second week, then the third week (you may need a fourth week, depending on demand).
  4. Once you have pencilled the client in, give them a call to confirm when they are booked in, check it works for them and take their deposit (by credit card over the phone).

The beauty of this system is that whether salons are allowed to go back on July 4th, July 6th or later in the month, you already have your system in place and take that opening day as the first day of week one.