If there’s one thing all the salon owners I’ve ever worked with have in common, it’s that they’re B.U.S.Y.  I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve suggested an idea and been told ‘I’d like to, but I don’t have time’.

Suddenly, we’re in this parallel existence where time is the one commodity we do have.

While it would be so easy to fill the weeks mastering the art of home schooling or binge-watching box sets, you would kick yourself if
you come out of this crisis without tackling some of those tasks you know you should be doing, but don’t have time for.

So, I’ve put together this checklist of the top five essentials to put your salon in a healthier position when you re-open.

Ask your clients to review you on Google

You know reviews = rankings, right? And that when you ask your clients to review your salon, they say ‘yeah, sure’ then get caught up in
their own busy world and forget all about. Right now, they’ve got time on their hands too so it’s the perfect time to ask again.

I recommend you hand-pick a selection of your clients and drop them a personalised email to ask them for a review. Remember to include
the link. There’s no harm in being a bit vulnerable in this and tell them that you’d really appreciate their support at this difficult time.

That little extra: Bet you just had a little look to see how many reviews your salon had on Google, didn’t you? Did you spot that your Google My Business Page needed a little TLC too. Update the photos, check the details are still right. Have you added any new services? Another attention grabber is to add some questions. If you haven’t claimed your Google My Business page? This is for you.

Come up with a social media plan

I’m going to assume you have a loose marketing plan in place. If not, please use this time to work on one. Your social media is
probably a bit more on the fly. Right now, you can focus on:

  • Continuing to provide light-hearted, entertaining, informative content that keeps you in your clients minds.
  • Reviewing what has worked for you on social media. Use Facebook and Instagram insights to get a feel for what content has worked
    and what hasn’t
  • Researching awareness days, public holidays and special occasions to create content
  • I’ll bet you’ve got loads of client photos on your phone that you never had the chance to use. Now’s the time to go back
    through your phone discover what content you have.
  • Create a social plan. Make it a combination of your work, your team, your story, topical content. Not sure if something is
    worth posting? I always use the ‘would I, or someone I know be interested in looking at this?’. If the answer is no, then why are you posting it?

That little extra: This is a great time to upskill. Do you know how to get the perfect hair photo with your camera phone? No? Well head on over to YouTube and find out.

Time to sort out your mailing list

How long has that been on your to-do list? Your tasks will depend on whether you already have a mailing list and what your online booking software is (if you have it), but set yourself the goal of having ticked off all of these:

  • Have a mailing platform to use. Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Mailer Lite are all available for a small subscription or in
    some cases free depending on your needs.
  • Add tags or create segments that will enable you to send more personalised messages to your clients. This could be about the
    services they have, their hair type, of even their age range
  • Have templates that you can easily use for a regular email (at least monthly) and ad-hoc mails.

That little extra: Wouldn’t it feel great if you’d already written your marketing emails for the rest of the year.

Create too-good-to-miss-out-on packages

Right now, I need: a hair cut, colour, leg wax, my eyebrows done, my toenail gels removed (and a massage wouldn’t go a miss either!).  However, I’m not expecting to be brimming with cash when this crisis is over. And you have hundreds of clients just like
me. Your challenge is to create the packages that combine the must-haves with the luxuries. Don’t get carried away with huge discounts, but do come up with prices that are attractive to clients but profitable for you. If your salon doesn’t offer beauty services, this is a great time to use social media to connect with local beauty businesses.

That little extra: Plan your marketing campaign to create awareness for your packages. This is a good time to practice getting in front of a video camera.

Sell a limited number of ‘back in business’ appointments

You’re going to have some clients who are DESPERATE to get back into the salon before anyone sees them and they’ll know who they are, so why not let them help you with your cash flow right now. Choose a select number of appointments and send out an email to your clients to invite them to buy one of these slots. I truly believe this is the right time to be honest with your clients and explain how invaluable their support is at this time. These appointments could be sold at full price or at a small ‘early bird’ rate.

That little extra: If you don’t already have online booking, why not? You’re going to need it to make this work so investigate your options.

There should be plenty of ideas there to keep you going for the next 6 weeks or so. If you’re interested in more wholesale changes and want to take it right back to basics you should check out my ‘Back to Basics Salon Marketing Guide’.

Or if you want a chat to discuss how to make any of the above happen, you can book a FREE 15 minute strategy call.